Staff Benefits

Work/Life balance

Like other employers, I believe i'm buying a part of your life in return for your productive efforts within my business. Personally I do take the concept of work/life balance very seriously. Unlike some employers I take a very involved interest in the concept of giving real benefits to employees other than simple wages/salary (e.g. cash). It is in-fact a passion of mine.

I suppose I take very seriously the amount of your life that is devoted to efforts in the business…. probably much more so than most employers. I also feel the results of caring about my employees has resulted in devotion I could never expect to see being derived from just attempting to buy 'chunks' of life with cash. I'm proud to say there is a group of girls that have been with me since near the beginning of my time in business. I hope to see many more years of that sort of relationship with them; as well as many other valued employees.

If you read this section you'll begin to appreciate the style I adopt in handling staff benefits.

Staff Benefits for Permanent Employees


Your Employee Manual sets out all the details on various leave issues that are available to you i.e.
sickness, compassion and maternity etc…. Annual leave is subject to your employment arrangement (contract or otherwise). However our standard leave arrangement is six weeks of annual leave.

Health Insurance

Staff may join either a single or family insurance plan provided by a nominated underwriter.
Single cover premium is provided by your employer as a standard benefit. You may select additional levels of coverage at additional cost (payroll deduction). Note that there is an option to increase the level of coverage under the 'Superannuation' heading herein.

Life & Disability Insurance

Single cover standard premium is provided by your employer as a standard benefit, placed with a
nominated underwriter. You may select additional levels of coverage at additional cost (payroll deduction). Note that there is an option to increase the level of coverage under the 'Superannuation' heading herein.


Staff have a choice of two options. You may select to have an amount equal to 15% or your gross salary paid into our Staff Superannuation Fund, or, have an amount equal to 10% of your gross salary paid to a complying fund that you nominate, and have a further 5% placed into a medical/health provision bank.

So for example, if you earn $100,000 per annum, your choices are:

*Have $15,000 paid into our Staff Superannuation Fund;
*Have $10,000 paid into a complying fund you nominate, and have a provision bank of $5,000

The medical/health provision bank can be used to purchase additional coverage for Health/Life & Disability insurance, or pay for costs of services rendered by medical/dental practitioners that are not covered by your insurance. Those services may be for members of your extended family unit (check our defination on that). Any residual of the provision bank at the end of the financial year is paid into either of - an employee long term saving deposit, or our Staff Superannuation Fund.

Example of your medical/health provision bank in use:

You start the financial year with a $5,000 provision bank; you draw down on that bank in the following ways:

*$1,500 additional family health insurance premiums
*$1,000 additional life & disability insurance premiums
*$1,300 you chose to have directed to pay for your father's dental work

At the end of the financial year, you may direct the remaining $1,200 to either of - an employee long term saving deposit, or our Staff Superannuation Fund.

Education Assistance Programs

Up to 50% of your out of pocket expenses for education may be paid for eligible employees.
We are fortunate in that we have a number of staff that hold doctorate level degrees. As a general rule, any staff member that upgrades their academic qualifications in the direct concentration (major) linked to their employment role will recieve automatic salary increases as follows:

From Bachelor degree to Graduate Certificate: 5%
From Graduate Diploma to Masters: 5%
From Bachelor degree to Graduate Diploma: 10%
From Masters to Doctorate: 10%
From Bachelor degree to Masters: 15%
From Bachelors to Doctorate: 25%

These are automatic increases that will be granted once you provide notification of your upgrade. The increases are by no means the maximum cap that will be granted during employment contract negotiations. It's your responsibility to give notification of your upgrade. Consideration will be given to granting increases for additional qualifications that are obtained in areas not absolutely linked to your role. Further extensive details on the assistance available for furthering education is given in your Employee Manual.


Professional Development Programs

Any professional development undertaken to maintain the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of your professional society/body, will be paid by your employer. The payment shall include any requisite travel and accommodation that is reasonably incurred.
For staff that are not professionals bound by CPE requirements there is a voluntary professional advancement initiative that we provide in-house which you may take advantage of. All the costs of the courses/seminars and related materials are provided by your employer.

Wellness Programs

Cycle Scheme - offers an attractive employee benefit by encouraging staff to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle whilst making substantial savings on the cost of a bike and safety equipment. You can select any make/model bike up to a value of $2,500 through nominated independent bike shops taking part in this scheme. Scheme participants have access to additional locker space, and secure on-site bike storage, located conveniently near staff shower/changerooms. [ For requests related to the Cycle Scheme - initially contact Sasha ]


Occupational Health Service - A nominated supplier provides (free of cost to you) comprehensive Occupational Health Service (OHS) that provides advice and support for all staff, in relation to the effects of work on health and of health on work. The OHS also provides support and assistance services, work related travel health and holiday health advice, as well as advice on smoking cessation.
[ For requests related to OHS - initially contact Erica ]

Staff Counselling and Mediation Service - Through our nominated supplier we provide a counselling service, which is open to all members of staff. Staff are invited to consider counselling to address any issue that is causing them emotional difficulty, including conflict, anxiety or stress, depression, relationship problems, loss or bereavement, alcohol or drug dependency and eating disorders. The facility also offers a mediation service. The mediation service is there if you feel you are struggling to deal with your one-up supervisor. Even if you feel you have a difficulty with dealing with me (your ultimate supervisor), the mediation service is there for you to call upon.
[ For requests related to Counselling and Mediation - initially contact Erica ]

Eye Care for Display Screen Equipment Users - Using a computer is an integral part of most of our jobs and I value the health, safety and well-being of all staff. The Eye Care Scheme allows staff a free sight test and where appropriate for computer use, a choice of a range of free lenses and frames. Details on how to go about accessing the scheme is included in your Employee Manual.

Massage - A recent initiative available to all staff. This initiative was introduced after an
acquaintance in Canada suggested the idea as a real benefit for staff. Early indications are that
the plan has been received well. I'll soon complete a formal arrangement for the supply of this
benefit, and notify all staff via memo. Likewise Employee Manuals will be updated to reflect the change.

Fitness Centers

There are well appointed gyms with workout areas and saunas in three of the six buildings. For those staff working in buildings without gym facilities access is granted to the gym facilities on other sites - or gym memberships are arranged. The format of packages available for external gym membership is outlined in your Employee Manual.


Swimming pools

There are indoor pools located in three of our buildings. For those staff working in buildings without pools access is granted to the pool facilities on other sites - or third party pool access options are arranged. The general format of the options for accessing pools is outlined in your Employee Manual.


Car Parking

There are a minimum of two car parking slots designated for each employee. Those slots are
allocated at the building you have permanent resident designation at. There are protocols that
relate to the use of the slots, including but not limited to, matters of guests and building security.
All of those details are described in detail in the Employee Manual. Please take the time to read those so you are fully aware of the protocols.

Employer Assistance For Childcare

Up to 50% of your out of pocket expenses for Childcare may be paid for eligible employees. Further extensive details on the assistance available is given in your Employee Manual.

Employer Provided Computer

An annual allowance is available for the supply of one Notebook computer per annum. The details of the amount of allowance applicable to each employee may be found in your Employee Manual. In addition to the allowance, a number of employees are issued with telephone, or telephone communication devices. Yes - those Blackberry things you pester me about lol
Each issue of telephone communication devices is executed on a case by case basis.

Corporate Wellbeing Initiatives

Services that are available at your discretion include:
*Free Financial Planning service
*Reduced rate Taxation advice
[ For requests related to Financial Wellbeing - initially contact Rodney ]

Retail Corporate Employee Benefits

*Discounted shopping at a wide range of supermarket, retail and online stores.
*Over 30,000 products, from whitegoods to fragrances, electrical gadgets providing significant
time and financial savings.
*Fuel/Petrol savings and convenience.
*Time saver, new & used motor vehicle search and acquisition service.
*Discounts on auto supplies and servicing.

Entertainment Corporate Employee Benefits

*Preferred seating at concerts, theatre and sporting events.
*Dining Program - unrestricted discounted dining at over 100 restaurants nationally.
*Program access card offering benefits at fast food, video and other stores.
*Discounted movie and attraction tickets.
*Access to sporting facility useage - including tennis and squash.


Travel Corporate Employee Benefits

*Discounted accommodation across leading hotel chains nationally.
*Quality travel agency services.

Employee Long Term Savings Deposits

A savings plan scheme to encourage long term savings by employees. Funds can not be withdrawn under ordinary circumstances prior to maturity of the deposit. Terms are available in five year increments. Rates of return are above market rates - with longer term deposits attracting higher rates of return.
As with any investment you may consider making - we encourage you to seek advice from your Financial Planning professional

Library Access

The extensive hardcopy and electronic library, and extensive data service subscriptions
maintained by the business are available for staff access both during and outside of working


Employer 'Timeshare' Buildings

Currently two employer owned buildings located in FNQ are available for staff to utilize for
holidays. Currently there exists the option of taking one week holiday per staff member per
annum at one of the buildings. The availability of the buildings are limited to the degree that the
weeks offering must be taken when your allocated 'turn' arrives each year. There is no obligation
to utilize the 'turn'.


There are plans to acquire further properties which would allow for a greater degree of flexibility
in sharing time amongst the buildings.


Secular Workplace Guarantee

It is guaranteed that all attempts will be made to enforce a non-discriminatory, fully secular
workplace. No discrimination on gender/race/colour/religion/beliefs/sexual orientation/
national origin/ancestry/age/veteran status/disability.

Employer's Events Venue

Employees will note that in each of the six principal buildings business is conducted from, there
is a generous amount of room, and a range of high quality facilities and fittings - Theater, Meeting rooms, Kitchen facilities, Events annex etc….


Where possible, efforts will be made to grant staff requests for useage of the venues/facilities for
private events. Given that the businesses housed in each building operate on a 24/7 basis, the
basic requirement for granting consent for using the facilities is that the behaviour of staff and all invited guests meets at the very least an acceptable standard of conduct.
[ For requests related to venues - initially contact Sasha ]

Motor Vehicles

Certain staff receive a fully maintained motor vehicle as part of their overall salary package.
If that situation may apply to you, it will be clearly drafted out in your Employee Manual.
Note - Each manual is adjusted to suit the position and individual appointed. So the options in this
matter will be laid out there clearly for you.
Those who are not entitled to a maintained vehicle may be eligible for an employee loan in regards to acquiring and owning a vehicle.

Employee Loan Scheme

The scheme is divided into two programs: Homeownership Incentives Program and the Motor Vehicle ownership Incentives Program. Senior staff may be eligible for low rate loans for acquiring a home. Staff that are not eligible for a maintained motor vehicle might qualify as being eligible for a loan to acquire a motor vehicle. Rates on loans are generally 2% lower than retail market rates (provided the charging rate is a positive integer). Again, refer to your Employee Manual where the options in this matter will be laid out there clearly for you.

Car Pooling Incentive

Staff making smart use of car pooling arrangements - will be supported on a case by case basis.
Support may include support for vehicle servicing, cost of fuel etc…
[ For requests related to car pooling - initially contact Sasha ]

On-site Concierge and Security Services

Staff travelling and staying at a number of my locations, for work purposes, may access on-site
concierge services. Those that are in the habit of carrying sensitive information, may access our secure escorting arrangements (for travel to/from office locations outside of 'ordinary' week day trading hours). [ For requests related to Security - initially contact Sasha ]

Escort.jpg Escort_2.jpg

Staff Social Association (FRSSA)

Be aware that there is a Staff Social Association you may join at your discretion. Further be
aware that as your employer, I have no control over the operation of the Association. That control is in the hands of the members themselves. They ask for a voluntary sum of 0.5% of your
annual salary as membership fees. Of course I have no control over that fee, nor any control over increases that might happen in future years.

The FRSSA is however well supported. Any events that attract employer endorsement will receive funding to match the funds provided by the Association. One example that comes to mind, is a day at the horses. The FRSSA allocated $7,000 for the event, which was matched by a further
$7,000 by the employer. That was an event that will take a long time for many to forget - and an even longer time for some to live down lol.

Accounting_Class_Elisa_Tina.jpg Kenna_in_pink.jpg

Workplace Culture

Although there is an active and vibrant social element to the employees in this business - you're not obliged to indulge just to be 'one of the team'. You'll notice that I personally, although invited, often do not indulge in many of the events. I often get invited to so many social functions and engagements…. so much so that I only attend a small fraction of those - including staff ones.
An employee will be considered no more or less valuable for either indulging in, or not attending any social events that surround the workplace. Just as I don't feel obliged…. and do indulge if it suits me to enjoy doing so…. you ought to feel the same. That's the way we do things around here.

By the same token, it's obvious that I encourage a healthy work/life balance. But none of this is forced on you. Take any of the benefits up at your discretion. And the current employees most certainly do go their own way on driving their own work/life balance. I'm just about sure the IT guys are trying to undermine the whole work/life thing by eating and drinking themselves to death with coffee, coke and junk food lol. Just to spite me, i'm sure.
All jokes aside…. it's a place of choice in those matters…. the benefits for shaping a healthy living environment are there, but you're not forced to live by the probing scope of anyone else's desires in that respect.

Office Size/Ergonomics

We don't bicker and complain about our office space and layout. Having such a vast quantity of
room available in our collection of office buildings, there's no reason why we can't all have very adequate arrangements. If you feel that your workflow is impeded by your office environment, raise that with your supervisor. Your views will be listened to sensibly without recrimination, and appropriate action will be set in place to adjust the environment when warranted.

Building_1_offices_11A.jpg Media_Conference_Room_Building_2.jpg
Building_3_lightfixture.jpg Building_4_4th_level.jpg
Building_5_2nd_foyer.jpg Room_2C_Building_6.jpg
Media Room "R"

Dining Facilities

If you've inspected the dining facilities/kitchen arrangement in some of our offices and get the impression they are up to a Chef's standard - you're right!


A team of us worked on designing and planning facilities that could be equally at home in the centre of a high class catering centre. The upside of that is staff will have at hand probably the most impressive staff 'mealroom' facilities around.
There is a downside…..


Here's the downside.
I encourage a healthy living approach… and good work/life balance.
But our kitchen/cold store facilities often boast a range of cakes/sweets/desserts that would
make many of your average food outlets feel humble. After all, - my desire for chocolate and caramel is pretty much legendary! So the temptation to roll out treats for all the guys and girls is just too great for me. But we have designed the physical layout so as to allow people to prevent themselves from coming into contact with all the goodies, if they know they are weak willed.


So there will always be things on offer like cakes, cheesecake and the like…. but please exercise control and don't exposure yourself to the area they reside, if you know you can't take them in moderation.


I operate on the basis of - If I cause you to relocate, I absorb all the costs.
That's a simple policy in that form - but the actual detail that is needed to curb abuse is set
out in each and every case as they appear.

Access to Exceptional Industry Leaders

Consider the employee benefits you obtain by coming into contact with many leaders in your
industry, and other industries for that matter.

Personal Emergency

Probably the most important item worth mentioning here. I will go off-topic for one moment.
Please ensure your emergency contact details are always maintained in a manner that we
always have your most recent information. New staff will note that the Emergency Contact
Details Form
is a bright sheet of paper (either yellow or orange) in your New Employee Orientation Kit. After that form is lodged any future changes may be made under your profile directly on our intranet, or by logging into this Webpad. Please note - our IT guru's advise that changes made via the Webpad do not happen instantly (and are a 'ticket' issue dealt with manually). The ticket issue introduces a risk of human error (not that our IT guru's ever make an error).

Point being - it would be advisable to enter your changes directly on the intranet, or make sure you check the Webpad for changes the next day after you submit them.

Back to the topic - If you do have a crisis - any form of personal emergency, do ensure you contact the primary care givers (police, SES, ambulance, doctor etc…), contact your family/next of kin. Once you have established contact with those - do not hesitate to contact us to see
if we may provide assistance
. The first point of contact for any emergency of that nature should be made directly to my Executive Personal Assistant - Ms. Hinson. Failing that - contact any of my PA's…… or office-one desk direct line.

Appreciate you all!


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