Things we know that other people don't.
The page that existed on the intranet for this purpose has been deleted.
Now just one or two notable entries have been carried over from those times.
Let's see more get added in future.


From '08

Dear Run for One Planet Community,

As a result of launching the Legacy of Action, in conjunction with our new partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, the Run for One Planet has just received an anonymous $10,000 cash donation from one of our supporters to help invest in our cause.

When we received this news, the only words that came out were “WOW… (thought process “really?”)… WOW!” as we were truly humbled and totally amazed by this show of generosity, this good-willed investment in our kids’ and planet’s future.

Having been on the fundraising trail for R41P since back in early 2007, I can tell you, something
like this for a grassroots organization just doesn’t happen all the time. And when it does, even
as a professional speaker, it takes your breath away and totally leaves you speechless.

All along this crazy journey, we have been taken aback by people’s good hearts and unbelievable generosity. This one… wow… it will really help us follow through on our Legacy vision for Kids for many, many years to come. We simply cannot express our gratitude enough.

From the depths of our hearts…. Thank You. You know who you are.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

A special thanks to whomever made the anonymous donation to IVAWs DC chapter. The donation was made in the name of 21 year old SPC Christopher Gathercole of Santa Rosa, CA who was killed in Afghanistan on May 26, 2008.

These are the types of actions that choke me up and keep me going on those rough and long nights.

From '07

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection at Maffra has received an anonymous donation of $100,000.
The group runs a vehicle display for tourists and has regular themed car shows.

One of the organisers, Peter Quinnell, says the donation came as a bank cheque in the mail.
He says the group will have to review its business plan and work out the best way to use the money.

"Obviously we've charted out a few likely suspects but generally we've also given up on that," he said.

"We've said no if they wanted to be anonymous we'll respect that and let them stay anonymous," Mr Quinnell said.

From '06

Cancer research in Western Australia has received a boost with an anonymous donation of nearly $1 million to buy specialist equipment.

The $900,000 donation will allow cancer specialists to buy five technologically advanced pieces of scientific equipment that will be housed at major research institutes around Perth.

Cancer Council of WA director of education and research Terry Slevin says the donation was the first to be specifically earmarked for the purchase of equipment.

He says it will be used by many different researchers and in turn be of benefit to dozens of cancer research projects.

I would like to thank the one who made an anonymous donation from Australia. I have very much appreciated not just the support to the project but the deed and the wish to remain anonymous.

Many thanks, I hope you're subscribed to this list so that you can read this mail.


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