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A big welcome to all my employees! I'll add a few notes here to let you know what this Webpad is all about.

If the information that IT feeds me is correct, everyone just has to have at least ONE wiki thing. So we've got one. This serves a purpose of providing an added-on facility that links to our intranet. Of course employees that have been with me for some time will be aware that some staff are able to make secure connections into various servers we maintain. This wiki is standard (to the extent) that every employee will be able to access the Webpad via the internet no matter where they are - nor what access permissions they have for other servers involved in the business.

This introduction gives me a chance to point a few do's and don't's out to staff. The first one is a DON'T do thing…… for new staff. If you have my contact details (i.e. phone numbers etc…) do not give those out to any client or member of the public unless expressly instructed to do so.

Now a DO thing…… take the time to adequately understand not only your role, but the staff positions held by other employees, and gain the best understanding you can of how everyone's role fits in with each other. If you do manage to do that, you won't feel the burden of having to ask silly questions. When a business has employees who specifically go procure and fetch photocopy paper for you - and the business highlights the routine for doing so, you really don't look that bright when you waste half a morning dizzing around looking under fishtank stands for photocopy paper …. only to finally come up with the brilliant question - How do we get photocopy paper when the machine runs out?

Knowing who does what - will answer most those questions for you.

The first jumping off point in becoming aware of the role of each person in the organization is to ensure you fully understand yours. That is made a good deal simpler than it might otherwise be, due to the fact we have very comprehensive employment support manuals. The first of those you shall need to refer to is the Employment Manual. A searchable electronic version of the manual is maintained with your intranet account.


Here's a few more DO things for all employees:

*Do read to find what this site is: HERE
*Do read to find out how you join: JOIN UP
*Do learn how to edit your non-public pages within the Webpad READ HERE
*Do read: The Statement


A few notes to you

This is also a useful place to say a few quick things to new employees, for any future point, whenever they are engaged. You'll come to notice I never forget a name, nor a face. You'll also notice I like to call staff by their first names. For those people joining that aren't sure whether to address me as Dr. Rotstein or whatever……. let's keep it simple, and just call me Fiona when we're not in the company of external entities. You'll notice the appropriate convention that would apply in other circumstances.

I must apologize to any staff who I do engage, yet have little time to greet during your first phases of employment. It will become very evidently clear to you that I have a large amount of demands on my time, and do work a very significant amount of hours in my role. That doesn't mean i'm not mindful of the addition of a new member to our 'family'. I do treat this operation as if it were a family…. which means some time, sooner or later, i'll get the time to come and spend a bit more quality time with each and every new employee. I don't just look forward to 'meeting & greeting' you… but getting to know more about you, and enjoying the journey in this industry together.

One last parting note……. over the years it appeared to be a mantra for some of my
ancestors/family to live by - Work hard, play hard.
It may very well be that without thinking about the mantra, I live along those lines myself.
I just wanted to say, no matter which amount of colossal hours you see me work, nor what
level of very serious matters I may seemingly be bombarded with endlessly….. I don't expect the same from you. Do your best at your career role, but enjoy the journey on the way.

You may see me doing marathon stints of hours at work, racking up phenomenal weekly work-hours. I don't expect you to try to copy me just for the sake of hoping I think you're a good enough employee. I do the hours, and accept all the other burdens of my chosen career, as I select to do so. I could quite happily walk away from everything and live very comfortably tomorrow. Not everyone can do that. We have people paying off mortgages, trying to raise kids and send them through schooling. People who work for me are juggling a million and one things in their lives.

I appreciate everyone's efforts, and have well devised systems to monitor performance. But don't let the job be a straw that breaks your back - over and above the other burdens in life. Make it fit in, make it the key to obtaining joys you seek. After all, i've been known to be slumped down, lazying around on the grass on holidays….. in a way you'd never imagine such a lazy looking sod every did a single hours work in her life!1

1. full source reference
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